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TRUST – Because Blue Water Escrow is subject to the highest government standards that exist, clients can trust us implicitly.

SERVICE – Extraordinary personal service is a characteristic that’s come to define Blue Water Escrow. When you elect our representation, you can expect the smoothest experience imaginable.

KNOWLEDGE – With nearly 300 years of collective experience, our seasoned escrow professionals are among the industry’s foremost experts. They’re not only adept when it comes to facilitating seamless closing processes; they’re well versed when it comes to the ever-changing and highly complex laws that govern escrow in the state of California.

Blue Water Escrow, Inc. is governed by the Department of Business Oversight and is a member of the Escrow Institute of California as well as the Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation.

Our Team of Seasoned Escrow Officers

Jason Miller


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When Jason Miller embarked on his real estate career in 2003, his drive and determination placed him on a rapid trajectory for success. After gaining invaluable experience in virtually every facet of the business, he discovered that the complex analytical nature of escrow left him most fulfilled. The following year, Jason not only became the youngest person to climb the ranks at what was then California’s largest independent escrow organization, becoming an escrow officer, but also made the ascent the quickest. During that tenure, he also served as a co-lead on a company wide project spanning two years, wherein he traveled to more than 20 offices all over Southern California, facilitating the implementation of new escrow and accounting software while training over 200 employees and coordinating activities between corporate and branch-level departments for seamless transitions.

In 2009, Jason made the move to Blue Water Escrow, where he was named Manager in less than a year. Today, the value he brings to his clientele today simply cannot be overstated. Having personally closed more than 4,000 resale and refi transactions to date—and having worked with some of the savviest property owners in the region—Jason possesses an unmatched expertise with regard to local practices, HOA and lender processes, and required city reports. Throughout all his endeavors, he calls upon his diverse breadth of experience and education in closing services, contract review, lending, accounting and management to help clients succeed. Yet it’s his personal integrity that truly places him in an elite class of professionals.

An Orange County native who loves sports and outdoor activities, Jason holds an MBA in Finance from California State University, Fullerton.

Betty Hernandez


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Betty Hernandez’s real estate career began nearly two decades ago while attending college. She worked part-time preparing loan documents for a loan document service company and as a mortgage lender processor. Although she was going to school to become a nurse, Betty found herself loving every aspect of real estate. She soon switched gears to pursue real estate full-time.

Throughout her career, Betty has worked with seasoned professionals and reputable companies alike. Every experience allows her to acquire credible knowledge that easily translates into escrow. No matter the position she holds, Betty always applies herself and contributes to the success of each involved company. Betty provides leadership, superior customer service, knowledge of the industry, and passion for every project she pursues. She joined Blue Water Escrow in 2012 to be part of an exceptional company that encourages continued education and provides a stable platform for success with every transaction. The support from the company offers Betty the ability to be her most efficient and provide the best customer experience to each of her clients.

What Betty loves most about Real Estate is how versatile the industry is. She loves that in Escrow’s ever changing fast paced environment there is always something new to learn.

Jennifer Walsh


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Jennifer Walsh is a passionate real estate professional that, at the age of 21, embarked on her real estate career as a sales assistant to two fast-paced, large clientele title insurance sales representatives. In 2008 when the real estate market took a turn, an independent escrow company contacted her. She quickly turned this temporary opportunity into a full-time job, and within a year and a half, Jennifer became an escrow officer.

In 2015, Jennifer became a part of the Blue Water Escrow family. She demonstrates her hard work both in and out of the office. She is constantly pushing and challenging herself physically and mentally not only through her work, but through her athletic ability as well, riding her dirt bike, running, and mountain biking. Among these hobbies, Jennifer uses her athletic ability to take charge in her community, being proactive in numerous charity events such as Bay to Bay, a bike MS event, Breast Cancer Awareness events through her local bike shops, and the Mark Reynolds Foundation. She loves that she is provided the opportunity to do something she loves while supporting her community.

Lisa Wilkins


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Lisa Wilkins began her escrow career in 2001 and joined the Blue Water Escrow team in 2014. Her attraction to the escrow industry came from her desire to assist clients in purchasing, selling, and refinancing of their homes. Working for Blue Water Escrow provides Lisa the opportunity to continue her education and network with some of Orange County’s leading escrow professionals.

Before Lisa joined Blue Water Escrow, she worked with an Orange County based loan company, which developed her the ability to understand the process of refinancing and sale transactions. Being exposed to this perspective, Lisa thrives in high volume environments and acquired an in-depth understanding of the essence of the escrow industry.

With over 16 years of experience in escrow combined with her passion for helping others, Lisa believes “knowledge is power,” and that there is always something new to learn. Her expertise includes reading CAR Addendum contracts including Auction contracts, proficiency in loan document signings, and she has been a Notary Public since 2004.

Karen R. Crosbie


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Karen Crosbie’s real estate career dates back to her childhood in New Orleans, where her father was a custom home builder and she learned from him the intricacies of the business at a very young age. By the time she reached high school, Karen was skilled in reading plans, designing homes, and working with both subcontractors and clients. This experience perfectly prepared her for the art of escrow and title, for which she pursued her passion in 1972, working for two of the best real estate attorneys in the area.

Upon relocating to Orange County in 1985 with her family, Karen quickly rose to the top of the escrow industry in one of the most competitive markets in the world, going on to own and operate Laguna Escrow Services, Inc. for nine years before merging the organization with Blue Water Escrow, where she works as Manager today. While Karen’s experience in escrow is virtually unmatched, her approach to sterling customer service rooted in the simple yet powerful commitment to treating clients as she’d want to be treated has been the driving force behind her perennial success. As a leader at Blue Water Escrow, Karen has made it her mission to make the organization synonymous with going the extra mile.

A proud mother of two and grandmother of seven who’s been married for 42 years, Karen spends her free time with her family.

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